Australian Ninja Warrior Competitor Stats

What is the ideal body type for a Ninja?

I was curious as to what the best body type is in terms of height, weight, BMI and age.

I’ve recorded all the stats for the ninjas whose runs and stats were shown on TV, for season three and four.


The average height of a ninja is 175.56cm. Average weight is 71.22kg with a BMI of 23.01.

The average height of a male ninja is 177.68cm, average weight is 75kg with a BMI of 23.72.

The average height of a female ninja is 164.15cm, average weight is 57.54kg with a BMI of 23.01.

How do these compare to the average person?


According to the ABS, the average height for a male adult is 175.6cm and average weight is 85.9 kg.

The average male Australian Ninja Warrior competitor is about 2cm taller, and 11kg ligher than the national average.


The average height for a woman is 161.8cm and average weight is 71.1kg.

The average female Australian Ninja Warrior competitor is about 2cm taller, and 13kg ligher than the national average.


Here’re some stats about where the ninjas are from:

The final column’s data came from Statista.

The proportion of ninjas from certain states seems to follow the proportion based on the Australian population, except for VIC, QLD and NSW.

The state with the highest proportion of ninjas is VIC.

This is most likely due to the fact that that VIC’s population is not far behind NSW, and season three and four were filmed in VIC. There are probably many ninjas who were more willing to compete if it meant they didn’t have to travel interstate.


Some of the stats shown on TV have changed season to season, so unfortunately the data is not completely accurate. Here are a few examples:

Olivia Vivian was reported as being 167cm in season three, and 166cm in season four.

Rob Patterson was reported as being 170cm in season two, and 173cm in season three and four.

Daniel Mason was reported as being 166cm in season three, and 167cm in season four.

Troy Cullen was reported as being 167cm in season three, and 169 in season four.


As you can see height doesn’t play much of a role. The male and female ninjas are close to the Australian average.

Being tall would obviously make it easier to get up the warped wall, and would help with obstacles which require reach.

However in season 2, the tallest ninja, Ben Polson, had his feet drag in the water because he didn’t assess how tall he was for that obstacle, a problem no shorter person would have.

Betsy Burnett is the shortest ninja at 149cm tall. Even she easily made it up the warped wall, while some taller male ninjas were unable to. Obviously strength and agility are more important than height.

In terms of age, the average ninja is 28 years old. However the best age would be early 20s, since the average age for a ninja in both grand finals is 23 years old.

CSV Data

Here is the csv data if you want to work out your own stats:

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