A look at how constants work in the .NET Framework

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What is const?

Referencing a const from a library

The projects

Some questions and answers about HSTS and preload

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What is HSTS?

A look at the memory consumption of each in .NET 5.0

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A comparison of the number of iterations in .NET 5 and .NET Framework

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  1. The source is iterated just once, so three iterations/loops for a source with three items.
  2. Nine iterations (each extension method iterates the collection).

What is an iteration?

Behind the foreach syntactic sugar

A deep dive into the inner workings of Antiforgery tokens in .NET 5.0

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The First 26 Characters

A look into whether or not antiforgery tokens can be stolen

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Antiforgery Tokens

Login CSRF attack

How antiforgery tokens work in .NET 5.0

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  1. How does the cookie name get generated?
  2. How do the cookie and HTML form tokens get generated?
  3. How are the tokens verified?

Following along

What is the ideal body type for a Ninja?

Get an understanding of what happens under the hood

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Use .NET Reflection to increase code readability, maintainability, and extensibility

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The Scenario

Current State Of The Code

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